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Seven ways to recognize our economy recover

Our economy is being restructured, after an accident in 2008. This means ruminants from the old economy will naturally die, and then replaced by the new one. It takes time, and until we go down down, we will not see positive changes from our new economy.

1. bankruptcy

Business bankruptcy will reach its peak, and then we will see recovery when this bankruptcy began to decline in the number, while the new business start-up increased in volume.

2. Our bank banking industry will settle for business ‘as usual.’ Are they a state or private bank. Once the bank is sold back to private buyers, our economy recovers.

3. Our stock market stock market will naturally reach the bottom. Some shares will still decrease, but once the new company starts to see the increase in their shares, our economy recovers.

4. Unemployment and hidden unemployment rates reach its peak, and then slowly decrease without the re-adjustment of the state of the unemployed method measured. After a real decline in unemployment is proven, our economy is on the road to recovery.

5. Housing prices housing prices must achieve their real market value, according to the real conditions of the economy. This can be uneven, because a harder area of ​​economic depression, will have lower house prices, while recovering areas must have more stable housing prices.

6. Our economic consumer trust is especially the consumer economy, and one of the reasons it collapses is because consumers borrow and spend more than they can. Once consumers start shopping again, confidence will grow, but if we see the wholesale store and the eCommerce website closes, then we haven’t reached the way down.

7. Politics of political parties we will begin to have more conservative leaders as they do in years of boom. The social conservative leaders were there to keep the economy running rather than spending time fixing the problem. If we see radical political growth, we have not reached the bottom.

Realizing when the economy reaches the bottom, it can be a difference between developing and survival. Those who take advantage of opportunities because it is about the bottom, can see their wealth grow back, quickly.

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