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Paradigm of new branding advertising agents

This is a thrilling time at the universe advertising agency because it has been through evolution over the past decade and has not been done. The extraordinary impact of the world of digital and social media in the scope of advertising agencies in the future has a drum that has begun to beat harder with every day passing. This proved to be a new landscape for traditional advertising agents forced to expand their insight. It shouldn’t work as a basic advertising agent.

So, with that, what is the future of advertising agencies? Apart from some songs who think that marketing is dead, advertising agents are not dead. As mentioned, advertising agents only have to spill a little skin today to get a new life. The growing digital world has led to diversification and complexity that has never been dreamed of advertising agents.

Experts show that advertising agents must now recognize that the digital world and social media platform will be the center of their existence. On the market today, many teams have risen 30 people, but in the future is an indication of a team that will be as small as five people.

It is estimated that there will be a 25% reduction in the head count for the company’s parent in the next five to 10 years as a result of the organizational ability to follow the security model and distribute more automatic content and thus have a subsequent impact on role administration.

In addition, the market is no longer ruled by large organizations. Smaller businesses have entered the landscape because they can meet basic needs.
AD agencies must be prepared to establish innovative strategies and campaigns that support strategic thinking and are able to support strong marketing evolution and growth in various markets and on various channels. They also need to use analytic data to better understand consumer behavior and what attracts their attention.

Meanwhile, advertising agents must also reduce operational costs while expanding their scope at the same time so that they remain competitive with digital rivals on the market.

Periscope is a good example of an advertising company that deploys a more budget-friendly “Lab content” than traditional practices and they allow videos, photos and other content that can be used in online and digital “newsroom” for social media monitoring and planning imitate what found in media organizations.

This is far more cost-effective and efficient time to try to find celebrities to fill in ads.

If they don’t do it, agents must divert their thoughts into one-to-one approach where the agency places the buyer or reader first and not a brand. Agency needs to partner with content agents to secure more content than possible unless they make “lab labs” as referred to in the example periscope above.

The great thing about this is that content does not have to be original but can be re-intended to meet needs. Content syndication and publishers are other options that need to be considered. Both are reported to have effective results when utilized in the right way.

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