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How flowers fuel the soul and boost your Mood

When we are around plants and flowers, the response triggered by them surges through the innumerable neural pathways to our brains. That is why being around nature rejuvenates us and has a calming and positive effect. It is also the reason you take a walk in the park to ‘clear your mind.’ Having indoor flower plants not only beautifies your house but also has several health benefits.

  • Flowers Help in Improving the Mood

Receiving flowers can uplift anyone’s mood – it signifies that someone cares, having a profound impact. Flowers are pretty to look at and have a decadent scent – two scientifically proven factors that provide an emotional boost. An improved mood means improved health. Those who are emotionally happy can recover faster from an illness or injury. It is a common practice to take flowers when visiting someone in the hospital.

Hospitals encourage this gesture as flowers help patients make remarkable strides in recovery. Healthcare professionals are aware of the positive impact of being exposed to flowers and plants. That is why green space can be found in most hospitals.

  • Flowers Enhance Memory and Concentration

Various research and studies show flowers and plants help in improving memory, concentration, and cognitive skills. Research conducted by the University of Michigan had the following outcome: those who were around flowers and plants had 20% more memory retention. This is how it works – flowers oxygenate the air and remove toxins; now, this cleaner, fresher air boosts the brain cells.

  • Flowers Help You Relax

Tending to flowers and plants has a relaxing effect on our minds. Many people take up gardening to work out their frustration. Those who can’t; visit a garden. Moreover, the smell of flowers can aid relaxation. It is the primary reason why bath products are floral scented.  Therefore, if you’ve had a hectic day at work, you can instantly get some fresh flowers or plants delivered the same day in London or within 24 hours with the next day flower delivery service provided by Moyses Stevens Flowers all over the U.K.

  • Flowers Can Help Heal Common Cold

Flowers alone cannot heal the cold, but they pave the way to recovery, especially during winter. As there is no humidity in winter, it breeds infection. Flowers add much-needed moisture to the air – it has an impact on dry skin, dry cough, and dry cold – the factors contributing to the common cold.

  • Flowers Provide More Energy

Flowers improve the state of mind and increase positive energy. Keeping plants in the office breaks the dull monotony and enhances creativity. They also provide a mental boost, which is much required when working in a stressful environment.

So, all in all, all the points mentioned above clearly indicate that keeping flowers in the house has a positive impact on your mood and can speed up the healing process. Go get some flowers and plants for your living space right away.

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