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Cheap VPS With Near-Physical Server Characteristics?

It’s easy to get lost among the ultimately best servers’ reviews. Two of the most compared and even opposed ones are virtual and physical servers. Still, you might be getting the wrong picture here. Time4VPS, almost two decades counting host, says that innovations and a like-minded team led to crafting a VPS with close to physical server characteristics. What makes it possible?

Wonders of KVM-Based Virtualization

Basically, KVM-based virtualization lets you manage multiple isolated virtual environments powered by dedicated resources. Specialists claim that today these actually have characteristics and management principles close to a physical server. Meanwhile, a fully integrated hypervisor enables virtual space to use maximum hardware power. So, in many cases, a cheap VPS server could be the most optimal solution.

Professional Hardware

Obviously, only professional and powerful hardware can guarantee near-physical server characteristics. And by saying powerful, we mean enterprise-class equipment. Let’s take the Time4VPS example itself. In their case, HP ProLiant hardware is powered by multi-core processors. It can uphold one of the highest uptimes and maximum security. To be more precise, the uptime percentage is 99,98. Aren’t these traits exactly the same ones that we praise physical servers for?

Full Root Access

Having full root access means your virtual private space could be managed and configured in a way you do with physical ones. Many IT reviews highlight the advantages of a fully customizable environment. Well, it seems like a virtual private space can offer total control. You can choose:

  • Preferred OS
  • Preferred IT software
  • Applications
  • Add-ons

If you are a fan of Linux OS, you should know that this system’s kernel is utterly separate from the node. Therefore, there is a chance to customize even the kernel itself. Take your management a step further and make it more resource-efficient.

Seems like there is no need to oppose different servers, as the latest technologies enable hosts to offer a virtual environment with near-physical server characteristics. Friendly advice – if you want to get the most of your plan, take your time to find trustworthy and flexible specialists.

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